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Module 5. Digital techniques / Electronic instrument systems
Data is usually stored in
•  RAM.
•  ROM.

josephedwinpugh asking:
•  I have found that other platforms have differing answers for this question. Surely the type of data has to be specified here? RAM is a scratchpad, volatile memory, and ROM is non volatile and permanent, for start up programming etc. Could someone help clarify it better? Or is it poor questioning?

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Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
Air above Mach 0.7 is
•  compressible only when above the speed of sound.
•  incompressible.
•  compressible.

P-factor asking:
•  Air should not be take compressible Above Mach 1?
Someone can explain me? Thanks

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Module 2. Physics
A ball is dropped from rest. What is its speed after 4 seconds? (Take g as 10m/s/s)
•  80m/s.
•  40m/s.
•  20m/s.

Bidan01 asking:
•  Please write your question here.

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Module 11. Aeroplane aerodynamics, structures and systems
An aircraft flying below the tropopause descends at a constant True Airspeed. Its Mach. No. will
•  not change.
•  increase.
•  decrease.

subufer asking:
•  True airspeed/speed of sound = mach number. So if descending below tropopause doesn’t it mean that Mach number will increase at constant aircraft airspeed? Since the temperature will rise?
Or I am getting it wrong?

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Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
As altitude increases, pressure
•  decreases exponentially.
•  decreases at constant rate.
•  increases exponentially.

davide_gibbo asking:
•  Isn't:-1hPa in 27ft. So why it decreases exponentially?

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