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Module 15. Gas turbine engine
What unit in a tachometer system sends information to the indicator?
•  The two phase AC generator.
•  The three phase AC generator.
•  The synchronous motor.

abhishek asking:
•  It must be synchronous motor.

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Module 1. Mathematics
If a wheel of radius R revolves 1/2 a turn, how many radians does it turn through?
•  2pi radians
•  2R^2 radians
•  pi radians

sherrykhan asking:
•  im not understanding this question

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Module 15. Gas turbine engine
Allowable damage on the first stage compressor blade is restricted to
•  middle third of the blade to the outer edge.
•  outer third of the blade to the outer edge.
•  root end of the blade.

adrian.necula asking:
•  Allowable damage on the first stage compressor blade is restricted to root end of the blade.
Am I right?

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Module 7. Maintenance practices
When manufacturing aircraft control cables, the cable can be cut by
•  using a hacksaw with the cable under tension.
•  using an oxy-acetylene torch.
•  using a chisel on a flat metal surface.

p.sarkar12 asking:
•  can neone help me wid dis questn plz?

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Module 1. Mathematics
Suppose the earth to be a real sphere with the radius R. The arc distance from HK (N23) to the North pole is
•  0.9R.
•  1.2R.
•  2.2R.

Tariq Taeem asking:
•  i want to know how to find this answer.

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