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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
A capacitor is fully charged after 25 seconds to a battery voltage of 20 Volts. The battery is replaced with a short circuit. What will be the voltage across the capacitor after one time constant?
•  0 volts.
•  7.36 volts.
•  12.64 volts.

roja90 asking:
•  how to do this question ?
after one time constant voltage is 32.8%?//

Community comments: 3
Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
The SI unit of work is the
•  Watt.
•  Newton Meter.
•  Joule.

roja90 asking:
•   is Nm and joule same?

Community comments: 3
Module 7. Maintenance practices
The length of a hose assembly with elbowed end fittings is taken from
•  the maximum length of the straight portion of hose.
•  the extreme overall length.
•  the centre of the bore at the nipple extremity.

JanathNalaka asking:
•  The length of a hose assembly with elbowed end fittings is taken from??? please explain it??

Community comments: 1
Module 15. Gas turbine engine
What unit in a tachometer system sends information to the indicator?
•  The two phase AC generator.
•  The three phase AC generator.
•  The synchronous motor.

abhishek asking:
•  It must be synchronous motor.

Community comments: 1
Module 1. Mathematics
If a wheel of radius R revolves 1/2 a turn, how many radians does it turn through?
•  2pi radians
•  2R^2 radians
•  pi radians

sherrykhan asking:
•  im not understanding this question

Community comments: 3
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