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Module 17. Propeller
Electrical power supplies on large aircraft, for electrical deicing are
•  Both AC or DC.
•  DC.
•  AC.

obrien99 asking:
•  Is this correct? I thought some turbo props used AC wild for electrical de icing. i'm sure the key to this question is "large aircraft" i assume this would be aircraft over 7500kg.

Community comments: 7
Module 1. Mathematics
A congruent triangle has
•  same shape and size.
•  same size different shape.
•  same shape different size.

Epieffendi asking:
•  in google said same shape different size

Community comments: 2
Module 9. Human factors
Whilst working on an aircraft a spanner placed on the wing surface is kicked off and subsequently falls into an open engine cowl, breaking off a sensor connector. This is an example of
•  a skill based error.
•  Murphy's law.
•  a punishable occurrence.

madhu_ame asking:
•  I think it is skill based error

Community comments: 2
Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
A paramagnetic material has a relative permeability of
•  zero.
•  less than unity.
•  greater than unity.

Yappie asking:
•  why?

Community comments: 3
Module 1. Mathematics
An aircraft travels 1400 nautical miles in 1 hour 45 minutes. What is the average speed of the aircraft?
•  750 knots
•  800 knots
•  2450 knots

shaik arifullah asking:
•  wiil u say me the rite answer

Community comments: 7
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