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Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
When the trailing edge flap is extended
•  CP moves rearward.
•  the CP moves forward but the CG does not change.
•  the CP moves forward and the pitching moment changes to nose up.

ketkimapzoom asking:
•  Regarding the above question the CP moves forward in basic single engine aircraft and CP moves rearward in high speed aircraft where mach tuck happens so the question should specify it?

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Module 1. Mathematics
What is the slope between the points (3,1) and (9,3)?
•  1/3
•  3/1
•  2

trap2307 asking:
•  Why? Warum? Perché? Dlaczego? Почему? KāpÄ“c?

Community comments: 2
Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
A capacitor is fully charged after 25 seconds to a battery voltage of 20 Volts. The battery is replaced with a short circuit. What will be the voltage across the capacitor after one time constant?
•  0 volts.
•  7.36 volts.
•  12.64 volts.

roja90 asking:
•  how to do this question ?
after one time constant voltage is 32.8%?//

Community comments: 3
Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
The SI unit of work is the
•  Watt.
•  Newton Meter.
•  Joule.

roja90 asking:
•   is Nm and joule same?

Community comments: 3
Module 7. Maintenance practices
The length of a hose assembly with elbowed end fittings is taken from
•  the maximum length of the straight portion of hose.
•  the extreme overall length.
•  the centre of the bore at the nipple extremity.

JanathNalaka asking:
•  The length of a hose assembly with elbowed end fittings is taken from??? please explain it??

Community comments: 1
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