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Module 7. Maintenance practices
When an aircraft has been reweighed under EU OPS, what should be done to the old Weight and Balance Report?
•  Kept in the aircraft logbook.
•  Destroyed after 3 months.
•  Kept in the weight and balance schedule.

obrien99 asking:
•  ive just read some notes that say weight and balance reports should be retained in the weight and balance schedule. anyone got any info on this subject?

Community comments: 2
Module 7. Maintenance practices
A fire resistant cable is proof tested by exposure to a standard fire for
•  5 minutes.
•  15 minutes.
•  30 minutes.

obrien99 asking:
•  is this correct? anyone got any info on fire proof cables. I would of thought 15 mins would be the correct answer

Community comments: 6
Module 7. Maintenance practices
The riveting defect in the figure shown is

•  too much hammering.
•  the dolly was not square.
•  the snap was not square.

albalushi asking:
•  explain please :)

Community comments: 1
Module 2. Physics
An ice melted into a liquid will take up
•  the same amount of space.
•  less space.
•  more space.

rizkaramat asking:

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Module 2. Physics
If heat is constant, and if pressure increases on a liquid what will the volume do?
•  Increase.
•  Remains constant.
•  Decrease.

rizkaramat asking:
•  how?

Community comments: 1
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