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Module 15. Gas turbine engine
A gas turbine engine is stopped by closing
•  H.P cock.
•  L.P cock.
•  throttle valve.

simontay asking:
•  I thought the answer for this is HP cock. Closing the LP cock would cavitate the HP pump everytime you shut down.

Community comments: 2
Module 1. Mathematics
log9 - log3 =
•  log3
•  log6
•  log9

szaim asking:
•  how's this?

Community comments: 2
Module 7. Maintenance practices
The damping force in a meter
•  prevents oscillation of the pointer.
•  returns a pointer to zero.
•  assists the pointer to move over the scale.

obrien99 asking:
•  Does this question make sense to anyone?

Community comments: 1
Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
With a trailing edge flap being lowered, due to rising gusts, what will happen to the angle of attack?
•  Tend to decrease.
•  Stay the same.
•  Tend to increase.

seangoodwin66 asking:
•  why is fix wing combine with rotorcraft does that make sense to any of you ?

Community comments: 0
Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
What is the main purpose of a frise aileron?
•  Help pilot overcome aerodynamic loads.
•  Decrease drag on the up going wing.
•  Increase drag on the up going aileron.

Imran88 asking:
•  What is the frise aileron ?

Community comments: 1
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