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Module 11. Aeroplane aerodynamics, structures and systems
Floor proximity lighting is a mandatory requirement and each light should be spaced
•  at 70 inch intervals.
•  at 60 inch intervals.
•  at 40 inch intervals.

soonhchong asking:
•  the answer suppose be 'at 40 inch intervals'
refer to CAAIPs Leaflet 5-11 2.7.1

Community comments: 1
Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
A transformer has 1200 turns primary and 4800 turns secondary. What value of load resistance would be required to give a reflected impedance of 1000 ohms?
•  4 kOhm.
•  1 kOhm.
•  16 kOhm.

Benny asking:
•  How to do it?

Community comments: 5
Module 14. Propulsion
The inlet of a turbo fan is
•  divergent
•  convergent
•  convergent-divergent

eldhosekottalil asking:
•  the area of turbofan engine is like a convergent type na?
more area in intake and decreasing the area while going inside na??
please clarify me

Community comments: 3
Module 17. Propeller
To fit a new front cone to a prop shaft firstly
•  etch the propeller serial number to the rear face.
•  cut in half with a hacksaw and etch a unique serial number to both halves.
•  coat in Engineers blue to ensure seating in the propeller front boss.

shivam_sharma00 asking:
•  this is wrong answer pls check CAIP for correct ans.
option 3 is correct which is coat in Engineers blue to ensure seating in the propeller front boss.

Community comments: 5
Module 15. Gas turbine engine
In a choked nozzle, velocity increases, and
•  density decreases.
•  pressure decreases.
•  pressure increases.

add99 asking:
•  Doesn't pressure decrease with an increase in velocity?

Community comments: 4
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