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Module 6. Materials & hardware
Cable stops are manufactured from
•  stainless steel.
•  copper.
•  magnesium alloy.

Gibbo280490 asking:
•  Can anybody please provide reference or proof of this answer?

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Module 6. Materials & hardware
The main reason why crimped joints are preferable to soldered joints is
•  the quality of crimped joints will be constant.
•  no flux is needed.
•  there is no heat required.

Gibbo280490 asking:
•  I would say the answer should be the quality of the crimped joints will be constant? is there anything to back up the heat answer?

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Module 6. Materials & hardware
Surface corrosion on stainless steel is identified by
•  red rust.
•  white film.
•  black pitting.

Gibbo280490 asking:
•  Why is this not Red Rust? i can find nowhere that states Surface corrosion on steel is 'Black Pitting'

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Module 10. Aviation legislation
The number of electrical fuses of a particular rating required to be carried in an aircraft is
•  5 amp or less 3, off 5 amp or more 10 off.
•  3% of each rating or 10, whichever is the greater.
•  10% of each rating or 3, whichever is the greater.

Icomeche asking:
•  Please write your question here.

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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
The input is 115V and is applied across the 300 turn portion of the autotransformer shown. What is the output?

•  115V
•  28V
•  460V

Jc_dulong asking:
•  Could someone clarify this?

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