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Module 5. Digital techniques / Electronic instrument systems
In a flight director, how are small deviations corrected?
•  Pilot input.
•  Instrument is calibrated at fitment to remove any possible error.
•  Instrument feedback.

davide_gibbo asking:
•  Why?

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Module 2. Physics
The centre of gravity of an aircraft is adjusted by two weights, 10 kg and 5 ckg plaed 4m and 2 m aft of the c of g. To what position must a 20 kg weight be added to balance the c of g?
•  2.5m.
•  4m.
•  2m.

AndreaFrasconi asking:
•  Why

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Module 1. Mathematics
A right angled triangle has sides 6cm, 8cm and 10 cm. What is the sine of the angle between the 8cm side and the 10 cm side?
•  0.6
•  0.75
•  0.8

Wisedavy asking:
•  How do i go about it

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Module 6. Materials & hardware
Heavy corrosion deposits on clad aluminium alloys should be removed
•  chemically by use of phosphoric acid.
•  chemically by use of trichloroethylene.
•  mechanically using a pneumatic vibrator.

Diverdeep asking:
•  usually, in heavy deposits corrosion, the initial phase is remove the bulk with a brass wire wheel and than use the acid

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Module 6. Materials & hardware
Maximum repair dimensions for use of microballoons is
•  10mm.
•  20mm.
•  30mm.

Diverdeep asking:
•  why??

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