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Module 5. Digital techniques / Electronic instrument systems
A NAND gate has inputs A and B and output C. If the output was zero, what are the inputs?
•  A=1 B=1.
•  A=0 B=0.
•  A=1 B=0.

Sokeros asking:

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Module 7. Maintenance practices
A Dial Test Indicator may be used for
•  checking a round bar for bow.
•  checking dimensions to within 0.125'.
•  checking any known depth.

Jordi asking:
•  D.T.I why isnt the 3d option?Because it says "any"?

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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
A shunt is used with
•  an ammeter.
•  a voltmeter.
•  an ohmmeter.

vale asking:
•  please explain

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Module 7. Maintenance practices
What is the minimum bend radius of a loom adequately supported at a terminal block?
•  10 * diameter
•  8 * diameter
•  3 * diameter

Jordi asking:
•  why is 3*d and not 8*d?

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Module 7. Maintenance practices
What non-destructive testing method requires little or no part preparation, is used to detect surface or near-surface defects in most metals, and may also be used to separate metals or alloys and their heat-treat conditions?
•  Eddy current inspection.
•  Magnetic particle inspection.
•  Ultrasonic inspection.

Jordi asking:
•  isnt eddy current inspecction method only for internal cracks?Why does it mention here that it is used to detect"surface and nearsurface"?

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