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Module 15. Gas turbine engine
The purpose of the rotating guide vanes on a centrifugal compressor is to
•  direct the air smoothly into the impeller.
•  provide initial diffusing of the air.
•  prevent damage by solid objects.

Jordi asking:
•  can someone please explain to me?

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Module 15. Gas turbine engine
Acoustic linings made from composite materials are used in what section of the engine?
•  Not used to suppress noise.
•  Hot section and Cold Section.
•  Cold section only.

Jordi asking:
•  i dont understand

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Module 15. Gas turbine engine
For fire detection and extinguishing purposes, aircraft powerplant areas are divided into fire zones based on
•  engine type and size.
•  the volume and smoothness of the airflow through engine compartments.
•  hot and cold sections of the engine.

Jordi asking:
•  i think this asnwer is also wrong my pdf says "The zoning layout will depend on the characteristics of the
individual engin"

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Module 15. Gas turbine engine
Following the reports of a heavy landing you would
•  carry out a complete visual examination of the power plant.
•  examine the engine mountings and borescope the nozzle guide vanes and turbine.
•  examine the engine mountings and fuse pins.

Jordi asking:
•  why not the mountings?

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Module 15. Gas turbine engine
Screech liners in the afterburning jet pipe
•  prevent unstable combustion.
•  prevent cyclic vibrations of large amplitude.
•  acts as noise suppressors.

Jordi asking:
•  i think the answer is wrong my textbook says that they act as noise suppressors.I quote "These are commonly called as Noise suppression liners or Noise
attenuation mattresses. When installed in the exhaust area these
are also known as Screech liners"

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