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Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
Upward and outward inclination of a mainplane is termed
•  dihedral.
•  sweep.
•  stagger.

Marcocom asking:
•  but dihedral is not only for the wings? mainplane is the airplane not the wings... please explain me.

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Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
Tuck-under is caused by
•  tip stall on a straight wing aircraft.
•  tip stall on a swept wing aircraft.
•  root stall on a swept wing aircraft.

Marcocom asking:
•  what is tuck-under?

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Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
An aircraft, which is longitudinally stable, will tend to return to level flight after a movement about which axis?
•  Pitch.
•  Roll.
•  Yaw.

stenea asking:
•  longitudinal axis = roll
lateral axis = pitch

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Module 6. Materials & hardware
Where heat is likely to be transmitted through a bearing
•  group 2 bearings are used.
•  group 4 bearings are used.
•  group 3 bearings are used.

EgiGol asking:
•  where could i find info about groups

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Module 2. Physics
A mass of 20kg produces a momentum of 300kgm/s. What is the Kinetic energy?
•  0.25 Kiloj oules.
•  2250 Joules.
•  3250 Joules.

Landesberufsschule Knittelfeld asking:
•  How is this solution calculated?

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