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Module 7. Maintenance practices
If the operator varies the content of the maintenance schedule, what action must be taken?
•  Amend the Maintenance Schedule and seek the CAA approval.
•  Await CAA approval before amending the Maintenance Schedule.
•  Amend the Maintenance Schedule.

ramesh321 asking:
•  whenever manufacturer makes any changes in the publication it is the duty of operator to revise their maintenance schedule and apply for approval.Authority may take time to approve.so its first step is to amend and seek for approval rather than waiting for CAA approval before amending because in some cases it may be mandatory and needs to be done in very short period of time.

please explain those who agree to
Await CAA approval before amending the Maintenance Schedule

Community comments: 3
Posts: 509
28.09.2013 / 11:00
Hello ramesh.
Airlaw is not my strong side but in my opinion you thinking a bit wrong because there is no any word about manufacturer.
Posts: 8
28.09.2013 / 12:11
thanks anyway but i hoose to go with first option if it comes in exam and suggest other also because it what we have been following and auditor from EASA suggested us
Posts: 2
08.03.2018 / 18:49
the main words in this question "if the operator varies",. you must first get CAA approval before amending Maintenance schedule. As dimky said there wasn't mentioned manufacturer.
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