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Module 11. Aeroplane aerodynamics, structures and systems
An increase in aspect ratio will
•  cause VbaseMD to be increased.
•  cause induced drag to increase.
•  cause VbaseMD to be reduced.

Apavlenko asking:
•  Hello. What is VbaseMD?

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Module 2. Physics
Brownian Movement describes
•  the attraction of neutrons.
•  the attraction of electrons.
•  the motion of molecules.

jamesmuendo asking:
•  Analyse brownian movement

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Module 13. Aircraft aerodynamics, structures and systems
The autothrottle controls the aircraft
•  vertically
•  laterally
•  both later ally and vertically

dkasup asking:
•  Please explain

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Module 2. Physics
When an open pipe is played and a note is heard
•  the lowest frequency of the note is called second harmonic.
•  resonance occurs with standing waves set up inside the pipe.
•  there is a 180 degrees phase change at the open end.

santro asking:
•  please explain.

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Module 2. Physics
A good refrigerant has
•  high condensing pressure, low evaporating temperature.
•  high condensing pressure, high evaporating temperature.
•  low condensing pressure, low vaporating temperature.

santro asking:
•  will you please explain the reason??

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