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Module 9. Human factors
The maximum allowable noise dose is
•  85 dB.
•  any combination of noise and time which exceeds 90 dB TWA.
•  90 dB for 24 hours.

sparkymarky asking:
•  Maximum allowable cannot be OVER 90db twa? Surely 90db twa IS the max, not something OVER this level?

Community comments: 1
Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
Under what conditions will an aircraft create best lift?
•  Hot damp day at 1200 ft.
•  Cold dry day at 200 ft.
•  Cold wet day at 1200 ft.

Aeromechanic asking:
•  Cold dry is completely opposite in meaning. What is a cold dry day ? Can someone explain .

Community comments: 5
Module 6. Materials & hardware
In corrosion, the electrode that loses electrons is
•  the cathode.
•  either the cathode or the anode depending upon the electrolyte.
•  the anode.

android811 asking:
•  I don't understand.
Cathode is positive and electrons are negative. How can electrons ever be attracted to anode?

Community comments: 3
Module 6. Materials & hardware
A journal load is
•  compression.
•  radial.
•  axial.

android811 asking:
•  Question is a bit ambiguous! Wouldn't the direction of load be radial and the type of load be compression?

Community comments: 0
Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
In a resonant parallel circuit, current is
•  zero.
•  minimum.
•  maximum.

funcaul asking:
•  Please can anyone explain

Community comments: 1
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