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Module 9. Human factors
An individual suffering from stress when confronted with a task within his capability is likely to think the task is
•  too demanding.
•  not demanding enough.
•  someone else's responsibility.

JD2016 asking:
•  If stress is defined as the difference between an individuals perception of the demands placed upon him and his actual ability to meet those demands, then if you are stressed, even though the task is within your capability, your perception is that it isn't.

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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
The method of ascertaining the voltage of a standard aircraft lead-acid battery is by checking
•  the voltage with rated load switched ON.
•  the voltage on open circuit.
•  the voltage off load.

JD2016 asking:
•  What is the difference between Off load and open circuit?

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Module 7. Maintenance practices
Galvanic corrosion refers to a type of
•  corrosion between two pieces of material.
•  plating process.
•  surface corrosion.

JD2016 asking:
•  "two pieces of material" - this is a sloppy question - one piece of "material" could be plastic and the other metal!

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Module 15. Gas turbine engine
Power is adjusted in a gas turbine engine by
•  increasing fuel flow.
•  increasing air and fuel flow.
•  increasing airflow to the combustion chamber.

JD2016 asking:
•  How exactly is the air flow increased? Is it not the case that to draw more air into the engine, the compressor needs more power which needs more power output from the turbine which means higher fuel flow first.

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Module 1. Mathematics
What is the value of X in the diagram shown?

•  40 degrees
•  35 degrees
•  30 degrees

tini1992 asking:
•  Please can anyone explain this?b

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