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Module 1. Mathematics
Determine x in the following: (2x-1)(3x+2) = 0.
•  1.5, 1
•  0.5, 3
•  -0.67, 0.5

tini1992 asking:
•  Can anyone explain how to work this out? Thnx in advance

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Module 1. Mathematics
What is 738 in binary coded decimal?
•  1011110010
•  111100010
•  11100111000

D.kerec asking:
•  101110001 how this isnt right?

Community comments: 3
Module 6. Materials & hardware
Specified time of contact between the indentor and test piece in a vickers or brinell hardness test is
•  20 seconds.
•  10 seconds.
•  15 seconds.

Leehenson asking:
•  This question is unclear, as contact time is different depending on ferrous or non-ferrous metals.

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Module 6. Materials & hardware
Electrochemical reaction is caused by the contact of
•  bonding.
•  moisture on the surface of the metal.
•  dissimilar metals.

Leehenson asking:
•  Wouldn't C be correct as 'electrochemical' corrosion requires a anode and a cathode, where as a 'chemical' corrosion being oxidation would be moisture on the surface of the metal? Please help? Thanks.

Community comments: 5
Module 6. Materials & hardware
A square around the NW digit in the quadrant of a fastner would indicate
•  interference fit fastener.
•  hi-lock to be used
•  fluid tight fastner.

Leehenson asking:
•  Can someone help explain quadrants of fasteners please? Thanks.

Community comments: 1
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